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Aimed at promoting the true potential of Pakistan, Stage Pakistan rebrands the image of this unique nation as the future of Corporate and Human Success!

About US

Stage Pakistan is a National identity initiative by Verite Media bringing out the true potential of Pakistan. The projects utilizes audio, visual and digital mediums to bring out a picture of Pakistan that has never been seen before!


Stage Pakistan has an idea to bring out Pakistan’s real image, potential and true resources on the world stage. The initiative will be disseminated throughout major cities of world through mediums of Audio, Video, Digital and Social Media.


Stage Pakistan is aimed to provide international audiences, be it an investor, an industrialist, a student of international culture or anyone who wishes to explore Pakistan, with an opportunity to delve into unlimited prospects of development in Pakistan.


Stage Pakistan has interviewed a huge number of national and international personalities who have made impact on human life throughout the world. These include Opinion Makers, Scientists, Businessmen, Sportsman, Artists, Innovators, Academics, Diplomats, Technocrats and many more.

Sectors-Areas of Work

Stage Pakistan covers a wide range of sectors encompassing Alternative Energy, Textile, Technology, Tourism, Education, Youth, Health, Population, Industry, Agriculture, Sports, Strategic Location, Dairy Industry, Art, Music, Culture and more.

Facts about Documentary

Stage Pakistan is the foundation stone of a long journey ahead of us aiming to work together for the image building of Pakistan .

We believe that in this revolutionary era of communication people around world must be provided with true picture of our beloved country,

  • Where people are hospitable and caring,.
  • Where the natural beauty is in abundance,
  • Where the soil has best yield,
  • Where the industry at a rapid growth,.
  • BWhere the technology is touching new horizons,
  • Where the traditions have strong roots,
  • Where the civilizations have originated,
  • Where the art has remarkable impacts,
  • Where the crafts are matchless,
  • Where the young blood is half of the population and aiming for, sky is not the limit.
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